Ensuring the client is completely satisfied with the caliber of IT services is just one element goal of Doug Brown’s unique approach to the industry. The other component is an educational piece, where Doug Brown creates a learning environment for clients to truly understand the scope of his work.

The aspect that allows for confirmation that after the client receives the services, they can also duplicate any solutions on their own if they wish. Self-sufficiency is one of Doug’s core values which avoids creating a dependency for the client, but rather fosters a methodology that solves the client’s technical issue and offers hands-on instruction.


Senior Database Architect/Engineer/Administrator (Total Experience – 10+ years)

Develop database solutions by designing proposed system; defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, security, back-up, and recovery specifications.  Maintain database performance by identifying and resolving production and application development problems; calculating optimum values for parameters; evaluating, integrating, and installing new releases; completing maintenance; answering user questions.  Prepare users by conducting training.

Senior Performance Tuning Consultant (Total Experience – 10+ years) 

Responsible for performance tuning and optimization of relational databases management systems, deployment of RDBMS running on Linux, Windows, Open VMS and UNIX platforms.  Provide consulting on performance tuning and troubleshooting, application workload testing, integration, data migration and general problem solving.  Architect and implement backup and disaster recovery solutions including native back tools deployed with the RDBMS. 

Senior Database Administrator (Total Experience – 10+ years)

Responsible for administering, performance tuning and optimization Oracle databases, deployment of Oracle databases; Oracle RAC & Grid Control; SQL Server databases; MySQL databases; The concurrent user count ranges from 100 to 10,000 users & web users (con-current).  The systems infrastructure that these databases operate on range from stand-alone systems to clustered systems.

BIG DATA Solutions Provider & Administrator (Total Experience –4+ years) 

Business Intelligence (BI)/Online Analytical Processing (OLAP); interactively analyze multidimensional data roll-up, drill-down, data slicing; Cluster Analysis; Data Mining; Network analysis; NoSQL Database; Hadoop; Hadoop Cluster Administration; MongoDB DBA; Big Data Strategies - Performance Management (non-transactional, US Census data), Data Exploration, Social Analytics (non-transactional, click stream data).

Overall Technical Expertise (Total Experience – 25+ years) 

Industry Experience Includes - Healthcare, Telecommunication, Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing